The Bowness Beacon Newsletter

The Bowness Historical Society provides its members with a quarterly newsletter under the mast head of "Bowness Beacon". The Bowness Beacon newsletter revives the tradition of the newspapers of the Village and town of Bowness, including the Bowness Bulletin and the Bowness Beacon newspapers. The original Beacon newspaper was published between 1952 and 1959 and was edited by Donald W. Davies.

We will reprint articles from the original newspapers to celebrate the pioneers and events of early Bowness. The new Beacon will also contain current announcements, stories and photographs provided to us. The new Bowness Beacon is edited by Bernd Martens, Board member of the Bowness Historical Society. Past issues will also be posted on this web site.

We welcome your participation in providing news, announcements, and stories or photos of old Bowness that we can print in future newsletters. Hopefully, the Bowness Beacon will help re-establish acquaintances, friendships and memories. We welcome your suggestions for making this an interesting publication.

2012 Bowness Beacon Newsletter Archive

The Bowness<br> Beacon <br> - 1st Quarter<br> 2012 The Bowness<br> Beacon <br> - 2nd Quarter<br> 2012 The Bowness<br> Beacon<br> - 3rd Quarter<br> 2012 The Bowness<br> Beacon<br> - 4th Quarter<br> 2012

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